5 Signs that You Are A Control Freak

5 Signs that You Are A Control Freak

Do you suffer from control issues?

In modern society being called a control freak isn’t exactly a compliment. Many times people suffer under a boss who is overbearing and controlling. Having a control freak in your life can be unbearable at a minimum and cruel at its worst.

If you’ve never experienced a control freak in your life, then the chances are you are the control freak everyone is hiding from. If you’ve recently been called controlling and are looking for more information about what makes you a control freak, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top five signs that you are a control freak.

You’re a Perfectionist

People who have an incessant need to control often seek
perfection. The drive for perfection isn’t isolated to themselves. Many times,
control freaks will seek to make sure everything in their life is perfect. They
do this by giving unsolicited “advice.”

The problem with advice from a control freak is that it is
usually just criticism. According to Lucid Planet, control freaks will often
offer what they see as constructive criticism to people. However, this is
actually an attempt to change behaviors that they deem unworthy in their
coworkers and partners. When the advice is projectedthey are hurt and site that
they were “just trying to help.”

If you’re constantly giving advice that no one seems to
want, you might just be a control freak.

You Fear Being Controlled

Control freaks often attempt to ease their anxieties over
feeling out of control by manipulating and coercing the surrounding people.
According to Psych Mechanics, this control and manipulation is an attempt to
maintain the illusion that they are under control. If you are always looking to
control the situations and people around you, chances are you are a control

It’s Less Stressful Being in Charge

Metro notes that control freaks often find they are most
comfortable when they are in charge. This is in contrast to people with
different personalities who may find being in control stresses them out. If you
have anxiety at the thought of not being in control of a project, you might be
a control freak.

You Hate Being on Teams

Have you ever been told that you’re just not a good team
player? Perhaps the thought of having to do a group project at work gives you
nightmares. If this sounds familiar, you might be a control freak.

According to Forbes, not being a good team player is a
classic sign that you are a control freak. When someone who suffers with a
controlling personality is forced to be on the team, they will try to take over
and micromanage the situation. It becomes very apparent that they trust no one
to get their portion of the work done.

You’re Never Wrong

Everyone is wrong every once in a while. It’s healthy to
admit when you’ve made mistakes or been duped by inaccurate information.
However, control freaks simply cannot do this. According to Psychology Today,
control freaks will refuse to admit they’re wrong on even small simple issues.
They will go out of their way to make the other party admit that they are

Control freaks don’t want to be seen as incompetent because
of a simple mistake. They will do anything to ensure that no one believes
they’ve made a mistake in the first place. This level of denial is very common
with control freaks. If you have a hard time admitting when you’re wrong then
you may want to consider that you suffer from control issues.

Whether you’re a perfectionist, or you hate working with
groups, these five signs are surefire tips to let you know you may suffer from
control issues. It’s hard to let go of control in any situation, especially
important ones like those at work. However, the only way to work through your
control issues is to slowly relinquish the responsibility to others. Learning
to trust other people to run a situation or handle a group project will be the
fastest way out-of-control freak territory.

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