5 Signs Your Are Stuck In Your Comfort Zone

5 Signs Your Are Stuck In Your Comfort Zone

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Being in your comfort zone isn’t a bad thing, provided that you are able to move out of it when advantageous. Moving outside of your comfort zone isn’t always necessary, but sometimes it can allow you to see or take advantage of new opportunities. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when you are just resting in your comfort zone and when you are stuck there.

1.      You Pass Up Opportunities

opportunities for career advancement keep passing you by, it could mean that you
are stuck in your comfort zone.

comfortable in your career can be a nice feeling, but it is also natural to
want to move up in your career path. Unless you’re working at your dream job,
chances are your current position was meant to be a stepping stone to something
greater. If that’s the case and you have lost sight of that goal, it could be
because you became complacent and stopped testing the limits of your comfort

2.      You Have A Fixed Routine

It is normal
to have some kind of a routine, but if yours is identical from week to week or
day to day and deviating from that routine unsettles you, it could be that you
have created your routines in order to avoid leaving your comfort zone.

The good
news is that gradually deviating from a routine can be a good way to work on
expanding your comfort zone.

3.      You Avoid Meeting New People

everyone is different, pretty much everyone that you spend time with can push
the boundaries of your comfort zone. Avoiding new people can be a way of
preserving your comfort zone. If the threat to your comfort zone is so great
that you avoid meeting new people to save it, you are likely to become
increasingly entrenched in your comfort zone and more likely to continue to
pass up opportunities to meet new people and try new things.

Meeting new
people isn’t only important because it can be fun and enlightening, it is also
practically important because most jobs require you to meet new people, whether
it’s customers, representatives of other companies, or even just people from
other departments. Even if you don’t have a job, you likely need to interact
with healthcare providers, service providers, and other people from time to

4.      You Avoid Trying New Things

Everyone has
activities that don’t sit right with them, that they know that they would never
try. For most people, however, these are dangerous activities that they are
unlikely to ever need to do, like skydiving or bungie jumping.

If for you
this kind of thing is going on a plane, or going to a big city, these are
things that you are much more likely to have to do in order to take advantage
of practical, real world opportunities and that the boundaries of your comfort
zone could be holding you back.

5.      You Don’t Like Going Outside

For some
people, staying within their comfort zone becomes so important that they are
reluctant to leave their homes

nothing wrong with enjoying being in your home and spending time there, but if
it’s difficult for you to leave your home because you are easily shaken by new
or awkward experiences, you should consider expanding your comfort zone.

There are
also a lot of resources on line and in most communities that can help people
with this kind of problem. Consider calling a local crisis or support hotline
for sensitive and expert advice specific to your situation. People from this
kind of organization are also more likely to make house-calls than your primary
care provider or a therapist.

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