5 Ways to Enrich Your Life

5 Ways to Enrich Your Life

fill gaps and voids

In order to live a satisfying and productive life, there are a number of ways people can contribute to the enrichment of their existence. Clearly what is enjoyable to us as humans is inevitably not going to be uniform amongst all people, but if a person is feeling the absence of fulfillment in some way, trying new things is crucial in terms of figuring out how to fill any gaps or voids in happiness.


Not everyone is going to be an animal-lover; however, for those of us that enjoy the company of pets, having the companionship of an animal can be incredibly beneficial to our happiness and satisfaction in life.

Having a pet as a child (assuming they are being shown a good example on how to properly care for that pet) can teach the important life lessons of responsibility and compassion early on in a person’s life and result in that child growing up knowing what it is to care for something other than his or herself. It is well known that children and people who abuse animals are abusive in nature, and those malevolent tendencies are almost always a factor in their character and how they treat other people.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities, everything from gardening to hiking, for those who tend to enjoy those things are surefire ways to increase a person’s joy and happiness. These activities, whether done solitarily or socially, connect a person to our natural world and are both incredibly meditative in nature and often positively cathartic in how they can affect us.


Everyone loves music, although some more passionately than others, however pretty much all people enjoy music that is pleasing to them on some level. Although a musician’s music is viewed as essential to existence, one need not have musical talent or abilities in order to receive the benefits that music can provide.

Rich Social Life

One thing that has been discovered during the numerous studies concerning the subject of what makes people happy is that a person’s social activities, either with family or friends (or both), are an essential element to creating personal joy. Although some people are more introverted in nature and some more extroverted, it seems that there is a fair amount of science that supports the fact that having a healthy social life is paramount to having a happy existence.

One easy and phenomenal way to accomplish familial and otherwise social happiness is through one thing that we all need, regardless of our introverted or extroverted tendencies and that is food. Making the commitment to organizing a weekly dinner with family and friends where the focus is on building and fostering healthy relationships with each other will do amazing wonders for one’s happiness throughout the rest of the week and their lives.

A Satisfying Job

Finally, a person’s occupation, for the obvious reason that a person spends an inordinate amount of their time at work, is key to developing and fostering a feeling of satisfaction in life. Our jobs have an incredibly determinate and powerful authority over our everything, from our eating habits, to our social habits, and every other habit one can think of.

Unfortunately, we all must make a living and therefore can’t all do what we would have loved to do all of the time. However, finding an occupation that a person finds satisfying, or at least finding unexpected ways in which to be enriched (such as a garbage man finding that he enjoys seeing the sights while traveling around their respected cities) is something one can control and master when it comes to a person feeling successful, enriched and finding personal happiness in their lives.

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