6 Key Examples of Self-Discipline in Your Personal Life

6 Key Examples of Self-Discipline in Your Personal Life

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Self-discipline is a character trait that most people admire. As a personality feature, it isn’t something you are simply born with. Self-discipline is trained over time. One of the easiest ways to train yourself to have greater discipline is to mirror the examples of self-discipline in other people.

If you’re not sure what self-discipline traits that other people have, it’s ok. Many people have a hard time identifying what elements make up self-discipline. Here are six examples of self-discipline that people have in their personal lives and that you can mirror to develop your own disciplined life.

Create Realistic and Adjustable Goals

For some reason when people set goals, they think that they
need to be set in stone. The problem is that we rarely know how much effort it
is going to take to meet the goal, until we are already in the middle of our

An example given on a personal success blog: if you want to
write a book, and you set yourself up to write 5000 words a day, you’re likely
to burn out. Setting small goals that can change as you progress will help you
achieve the bigger goal.

Instead of forcing themselves to write 5000 words a day, a
person with good self-discipline would start small, like 240 words, and then
when it is too easy they add more to the daily target. Self-discipline involves
constant evaluation.

Stabilize Your Energy

People with high levels of self-discipline like to have
consistent energy levels. If you have steady energy, you can better budget your
time and energy. Most people can achieve this clean energy state by avoiding
insulin spikes and watching their caffeine intake. A popular self-development
blog points out that this may be a bit of a catch-22 as it already takes
self-discipline to watch what you eat and drink in the first place.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking less sleep will make
you more productive. Sleep connects directly to our impulse control. Our
hormones and cognitive functions are all connected to proper sleep.
Self-disciplined people make sure they get enough sleep daily.

Remove Temptation

Most self-disciplined people remove the temptations for
their lives. Whether you are trying to avoid social media to get more work
done, create a budget, or stop smoking. Removing temptation will be the quickest
way to help develop the discipline needed to avoid the objects that are keeping
you from your goal.

Long Term Thinking

One thing that highly disciplined people have is an ability
to think in terms of the end game. Long-term thinking allows you to achieve
your goals. Gratification delay is a key factor in success.

A personal development blog, Dumb Little Man, highlights
this with the example of going to the gym. While the daily task may not appeal
to the undisciplined, those who are successful don’t look at the daily task.
They look at the end result.


The final and hardest factor in developing self-discipline
is honesty. Being brutally honest about your successes and failures is the only
way that you can improve on the next project or attempt. It is easy to gloss
over your failures. This common tendency to ignore our faults is not the best.
Self-discipline is the ability to be honest about your actions or behavior even
when that honesty may hurt you.

If you have any of these traits, chances are you have some
level of self-discipline already. If you have all of these traits, you are
probably a very disciplined person. Don’t worry if these habits seem foreign to
you. Self-discipline is difficult. If it was, everyone would do it.

Practice incorporating these things into your daily life.
Get more sleep, eat healthier, become honest and realistic about yourself. If
you can do these things, the rest is easy as pie.




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