6 Key Steps to Develop Your Personal Power

6 Key Steps to Develop Your Personal Power

lifelong process

Gaining personal power is something you must want and work for, not something that will magically happen because you want it. Your personal power comes from inside you, not from external sources, jobs, or titles. Learning how to generate and keep your personal power, then, is a lifelong process.


Learning to cultivate and own your personal power will provide you with many benefits. When others see that you are confident, you will be perceived as influential, capable, and effective in your role. You will likely be seen as a leader or as someone who may be able to advise or help others.

Personal power makes you a role model to others, including your own family and friends. Owning your personal power helps you create and sustain lasting relationships in all aspects of your life as well as achieve your goals and dreams.


We all have personal power within us, but it is up to each of us to learn how to connect with and harness that power for ourselves. Here are six key steps you can use to develop your personal power, starting today.


#1. Declare Your Ambitions


Acknowledging what it is you want to do in this world, and declaring it aloud to others, is a powerful step toward reclaiming your personal power. If you want to be successful, you must not be afraid that you want to be successful. Whatever it is in your life that you want to become competent and confident with, you must not be afraid to share what you are looking for. Never apologize for your ambitions, as these are the goals that are driving your life. Denying or keeping your ambitions secret robs you of the power that comes when others know of your desires and goals.


#2. Admit Your Fears


Learning to acknowledge your fears is also a step toward reclaiming your personal power. The negative thoughts that have kept you feeling powerless or unable to reach your dreams are all driven by fears of some kind.


These emotions are sabotaging your ability to succeed. Learning to admit your fears can help you see them for what they are, which are simply emotions that have no power over your life. Accepting personal power means realizing that you have control over these anxieties and can learn to stop letting them dominate your life.


#3. Silence Negative Self-Talk


Negative self-talk is keeping you from realizing your dreams and accepting your personal power. Instead of telling yourself why you can’t do something or what is wrong with you, replace these negative words with a positive affirmation. Your negative self-talk keeps you from taking actions that could lead to more success, so instead, repeat positive thoughts to yourself whenever you hear that inner critic start to speak.


#4. Know When to Ask for Help


Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It means you understand that we all need help to grow and become better or stronger, and asking for help is the most effective and efficient way to get where you want to be. Increase your chances of success by asking for help when you need it.


#5. Adopt a Growth Mindset


A growth mindset is one that is open to learning, and since knowledge is power, this will help you reclaim your personal power, as well. Becoming more curious, listening more to others, and keeping an open mind are all examples of a growth mindset in action. You don’t know everything and accepting this and being open to everything as a learning experience will help you feel more confident and regain the power that is yours.


#6. Make a Habit of Unplugging


Learning to embrace quiet times and to do things just for you is important to becoming more personally powerful. In these alone times, you can think about your needs, spend time becoming more creative, and get away from the pressures of your daily life. Reconnecting with yourself can help you name your needs, find your passions, and help you work on your personal power goals.



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