Achieve Dreams Each Day

Achieve Dreams Each Day

And Achieve Your Goals


My dreams are at the forefront of my thoughts. I take steps each day that bring me closer to making my dreams a reality.


My dreams reflect the sincerest, innermost thoughts of my heart. As I work towards fulfilling my dreams, I feel more energized and I am filled with happiness.maxresdefault_y4oP6R

Obstacles are unable to stop me. I seek solutions to my challenges and I am always successful in finding a way around anything that tries to hold me back. I am determined to be successful.


My dreams are worthwhile.


Achieving my dreams is an important priority in my life. My dreams are worth the time and effort that I put into them each day.


I am inspired by my dreams and they guide me in a positive direction.


I am in control of my own destiny and have the power to make any of my dreams a reality. I have the ability to ignore distractions as I come closer to achieving my dreams.


I am completely focused on achieving my goals.


Today, I am thankful that I am living in harmony with the universe and that the universe is working to direct my life through my dreams. I give thanks for the guidance that I find in my dreams.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. In my dreams, what am I doing that makes me happy?
  2. What steps do I need to take to make my dreams come true?
  3. Who can help me make my dreams a reality?

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By Rod Stone
Author and Publisher of Healthy Living information and products to improve your life.


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