Affirmation: My smile is contagious

Affirmation:   My smile is contagious

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

My smile is like the first ripple in a pool of water. It spreads outward to fill the whole surface, positively affecting those around me.


When I smile, I enhance my mood. My concerns seem less overwhelming. I put my heart into my work and find it more rewarding.


I appear more friendly and approachable. I let people know that I like them, and enjoy their company. I help them to feel more accepted and admired. As more people smile back at me, my confidence rises and my happiness extends outwards.


A happy face helps relieve my stress. My immune system becomes stronger. I take pleasure in knowing that my smile is good for my health.


To remind myself to smile, I count my blessings. I give thanks for my family and friends. I appreciate my good health and material comforts. I let people know how their kindness and generosity enriches my life.


I spend more time with children. It is easy to wind up smiling less as I grow older. Hanging out with toddlers teaches me to grin at colorful supermarket signs and people drinking coffee. My smile comes naturally and lingers for hours afterwards.


I focus on the present moment. I let go of regrets and expectations. I appreciate the beauty of my surroundings.


Today, I look in the mirror to check that I am smiling. I wear a happy expression throughout the day and invite others to share in my joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    How do I feel when someone smiles at me?

2.    What are 3 websites I can visit that usually make me smile?

3.    What holds me back from smiling more often?

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