Finding Courage to Do Anything You Want

Finding Courage to Do Anything You Want

Take a Leap of Faith

Fear stops us in our tracks. It is that little voice in the back of our head that says, “Your question is dumb.” It is the turning and turning in the pit of your stomach before you submit a big project proposal, the feeling that the proposal is flawed and worthless. Fear is that hesitation before you grab the door to walk into an interview for a job you know you deserve. No matter what fear you experience, you can find the courage to overcome.

Take a Leap of Faith

There is a concept called “life
inertia” which Psychology Today describes as:


tendency of people, having once established a life trajectory, to continue on
that course unless acted on by a greater force.”


When we want to do things that are
different from what we already are experiencing we have to fight against life’s
inertia. Whether it’s changing our job, changing our lifestyle, getting more
active, eating differently, or spending more time with our kids: you’re acting against a force that’s already in


So how do you get out of the way of
life’s inertia? You take a leap of faith.


It takes a single large act of risk to change the course of your life. Knowing that
just acting out of character, against your current life trajectory, can change
the course of your life and can give you the courage to take that first step.
Taking a leap of faith is scary and does require courage, but once you have that courage,
you can break the cycle and end up doing everything you ever dreamed of.

Practice Mind Control

No, not mind control like from some
science fiction movie. However, the kind where you control your own thoughts by
identifying them and weeding them out. The Washington Post suggests that you
practice thought control on a daily basis to get rid of fear and help you move
through it. It’s a two-step approach to help you think brave thoughts to give
you the courage to do the things you want to do.


The first step to practicing mind
control is identifying negative thoughts or thoughts that are fearful. When you
have a fearful thought, simply label it. Calling it what it is demystifies it and lessens the power it has
over you. Next, you need to say to yourself
that “this is a thought that makes me
afraid to do the thing I want to do” and then take a deep breath. Notice how
you feel different about the thought and act accordingly.


The thoughts that are negative and
fearful don’t need to control your actions when you identify them as fearful
thoughts and act against them. The fearful
thoughts become less powerful in your life, and you become more courageous.

Practice Positive Affirmations

Many times courage comes when we build
self-confidence. When you identify your fearful thoughts think about where they
stem from. Are your feerful thoughts based on the concept that you lack intelligence? Are your fearful
thoughts based on the idea that you aren’t worthy or don’t deserve your


Once you identify the base of your
fearful thoughts, you can work on
eliminating them by incorporating positive affirmations into your daily life.
For example, if you’re fearful thoughts
stemmed from an idea that you lack intelligence your positive affirmations
should focus on your intelligence and education. You should look yourself in
the mirror and say something like “I am a smart and confident person. I have
the education and experience to know what I’m doing.”


The Huffington post notes that when you
have the ability to tap and into your inner power and change your inner dialogue, you will support your goals and ideas
and build the life that you dream of.


It may seem hard to find the courage to
change your life. Especially if your fearful thoughts stop you in your tracks.
Try practicing these three steps and see how easy it is to overcome your fear.

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