“Habit Transformation” tip

“Habit Transformation” tip

Works every time

By Kristen Howe founder of Go Big Coach

Here’s a powerful 3 Step Tip that can benefit you immediately…


My mission is to help you get your habits in alignment with your desires because having habits that support your desires is the ONLY way you’ll get what you want.


Here’s a “Habit Transformation Tip” that works every time…


Habit Transformation Quick 3 Step Tip:


Clear or Limit negative input.


Here’s how you do it…

Step 1: Identify what “inputs” in your life
feel negative for you (this is anything that when you engage with it, you feel


The usual culprits are: the news, social media, energy
vampires, certain groups, certain activities etc.


Here’s why you need to do this…


When you feel bad, it isn’t good for you – PERIOD. When
you feel bad, you cultivate habits that fight against what you want.


I get it, it feels like you have to sit on Facebook and
scroll through all of the political posts to be aware.


And it can feel like you have to turn on the news and hear every
terrible thing that is happening or you won’t be informed.


And it can really feel like you have to listen to your
friends and family and all of their opinions about you and everything else or
you won’t have a place you belong.


But in actuality, engaging with all of this struggle and
negativity isn’t helping you or anyone else – it is just perpetuating the


This isn’t about putting your head in the sand and ignoring
what’s going on – instead it is about limiting your negative input and engagement
so you can shift into a positive, solution focused mindset.


So, make a list of your negative inputs. That’s all you have
to do for Step 1

Step 2: Decide
to Remove or Adjust Your Engagement Level with Your Negative Inputs.


Here’s the deal – if
some of the negative inputs you identify feel like you can stop engaging with
them completely – then go for it.


However, it may feel
impossible to go cold turkey with some of your negative inputs.


So start by
adjusting the amount you are engaging with them.


For example if you
always have the news on in the background, decide to shift to 30 minutes a
day of news.


Or if you get sucked
into Facebook and other social media and you don’t know where the time goes
when you do, set an alarm for 15 minutes and let that be it.


Do this now, decide
how you’re going to remove or adjust your negative inputs.


Let’s jump into Step 3
(most people miss this completely and it is the most crucial step so don’t
skip it or the struggle and lack will persist)…

Step 3: Choose
positive inputs to replace your negative inputs.


If you decide to limit
your social media time to 15 minutes and you used to spend 2 hours – what
positive input

will you engage with


Here’s why this 3
step system works…


The more you engage
with negative inputs, the more your habits match this negative engagement.


And the more you engage
with positive inputs, the more your habits match your positive engagements.


And when you think
about the person you need to be to experience the life you desire I guarantee
you, your habits will need to be POSITIVE!


Actually do this
– you deserve it AND the difference you will start to feel and see
in your life almost immediately will be incredible!


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