Habits of Expectation

Habits of Expectation

surprising habit

By Kristian Howe, Go Big Coach

This article will open your eyes to a surprising “type” of habit that most folks don’t know about.

We all have physical habits that support our desires and we all have physical habits that sabotage our desires. (Think eating habits, fitness habits, etc.)

That’s pretty basic, so let’s take it a step further…

 We also have emotional habits and no one ever
talks about these, that’s why we need to start talking about them right now…

I call emotional habits ‘Habits of Expectation’

One of my VIP members was talking about how whenever money
comes in, she doesn’t feel happy about it because she instantly gets triggered
into feeling like it “still isn’t enough”.

When I explained that all she is experiencing is an
emotional habit, and that she simply needed to begin to flip that habit around,
she was so relieved. She said “I felt like I was broken, but now that I
know it’s a habit, I know I can shift!” How cool is that!

Here’s a perfect example of how every living being has
Habits of Expectation…

I used to have 2 cats and our morning routine used to
consist of them circling me like sharks and meowing until I fed them.

And then I got them an auto feeder — and here’s the cool

The first time the auto feeder went off and they looked at
it, saw that food was coming out, but out of habit they started circling me
like sharks until I took them over to the bowl and showed them that the food
was already there.

Their Habit of Expectation was that they still needed
something from me EVEN THOUGH what they wanted had already shown up…

Within 3 days they replaced their habit of expectation and
stopped circling me when they were hungry.


What are your habits of expectation? What ‘food’ may
already be in the food bowl but you aren’t even seeing it? Pay attention —
there is SO much power in this!

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