Holding Yourself Accountable

Holding Yourself Accountable

accountable to all

There is no more important priority in your life than learning to be accountable to yourself above all others. You must rely on yourself to uphold your values, follow through on your commitments, be true to your needs, and establish boundaries that allow you to live your life. When you become truly accountable to yourself, you will enjoy the happiness and freedom that comes from living your best life possible.

What it Means to Be Accountable to Yourself


Becoming accountable to yourself happens when you accept
yourself for who you are, you realize that your choices have led you to your
current situation, and you control how you respond to others and world in which
you live. It requires that you no longer blame others for your mistakes, accept
your role in controlling or giving in to your emotions, and that you own your


Being accountable allows you to set goals, make progress
toward reaching those goals, and realize your dreams over time. It also
requires that you gain clarity about your true values and beliefs, as these
should guide your decisions. Holding yourself accountable means making peace
with your faults and flaws, making promises to yourself to better your life,
then following through on those expectations.


When you lack personal accountability, you will find it hard
to achieve the goals that are important to you. You set yourself for allowing
others to take your personal power and determine your life for you. This means
you will never enjoy true happiness, as you are living a life that others
imagine for you rather than one that you design for yourself.


There is no other person in the world that is more important
than yourself when it comes to being accountable. You need to answer to
yourself above all others, so learning to be accountable to yourself should
become your most important goal.


How to Start Being Personally Accountable


The first step toward holding yourself accountable is
figuring out what you really enjoy and value in your life. Once you understand
this, it is easier to figure out what you will enjoy doing and what goals are
most important to you. By setting a purpose for your life, you can then devise
a plan and various strategies for how to do those. But plans are not enough.
You must act. You must commit to doing something regularly to help you reach
your goals and realize your dreams.


As children, we learn to be accountable to others out of
fear of consequences, including punishment. We grow afraid of disappointing
others or embarrassing ourselves, so we follow the rules or do what others
expect of us. But, this type of accountability does not work with yourself.
Instead, you must learn to become accountable to gain positive rewards, not
avoid negative consequences.


Being accountable to yourself means understanding the power
of your dreams and working hard to enjoy the pleasure of your accomplishments.
You become personally responsible because you see the benefit of the positive
outcomes that lay in front of you, and you use these to remain motivated to
carry out what you want to in life.


Final Thoughts


Becoming personally accountable allows you to work toward
achieving your dreams because you want to enjoy the rewards, not because you
fear missing out or being punished. Learning to hold yourself accountable can
change the way you think about your life and your goals, and it can help you
take control over your future. Personal accountability is a crucial part of
your development and growth, and it will allow you to not only reach your goals
but to set your sets higher than you ever imagined.


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