I appreciate small successes that lead to greater goals

I appreciate small successes that lead to greater goals

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

My approach
to small successes is to be thankful for being able to achieve them. I know
that taking little steps is what leads to eventually reaching significant


I take on
challenges that I know I am able to conquer. I avoid overwhelming myself with
the enormity of a mammoth end result. Instead, I focus on manageable goals along
the way and celebrate the small victories.


Debt sometimes
seems like an unending challenge. When I look at my overall debt, I feel
discouraged. At times, I feel I lack the resources to clear what I owe.


But I give
myself credit for the small, consistent payments I am able to make each month.
I set manageable repayment targets for myself and feel encouraged when I make
those payments.


My career plans are
moving along nicely because I am focused on the journey at hand.
I avoid looking at how much further
I have to go. I work with today’s goals today.


Today, my
small successes have a huge impact on how proud I feel about myself. I know
that being able to reach small goals consistently proves my ability to reach
larger ones. I commit to keep persevering on the road to greatness.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    What are some of the things that my success
teaches me?

2.    Why is it important for me to
acknowledge the small achievements?

3.    In what other areas of my life do I
see improvement as a result of achieving small goals?

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