Reflection: Challenges excite me

Reflection: Challenges excite me

See the opportunity


Challenges develop my skills. Physical exercise strengthens my muscles and bones. In the same way, other kinds of workloads enhance my thinking and emotional intelligence. I communicate more persuasively. I cultivate my creativity.


Through facing challenges, I experience gratification. It is more satisfying to work for what I find rewarding than to settle for what is easy. Each challenge I confront adds to my confidence.


I look at challenges as an opportunity. I tell myself that this something I want to do.


I enjoy the process and the outcomes. When I experience any doubts, I consider how much more interesting my life becomes when I pursue challenges instead of shrinking away.


Relaxation practices help me to remain graceful under pressure. I work better when I am calm.


I remind myself of my strengths. Thinking about my other victories shows me that I am up to the job.


I welcome assistance and support from others. I am strong enough to ask for help when I need it. I evaluate my actions. Each challenge is a lesson on how to learn and grow.


My life presents me with many challenges. I reach for excellence in my work and play. I put effort into managing my weight and protecting my overall wellness.


Today, I relish the challenges before me. Being tested builds my strength and character.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How do I keep challenges from becoming overwhelming?
  2. What have I learned about myself from overcoming a difficult situation?
  3. How can I motivate myself to take on new challenges?

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By Rod Stone
Author and Publisher of Healthy Living information and products to improve your life.


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