The #1 regret of the DYING…

The #1 regret of the DYING…

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Quick flash back to 2012…


A lady by the name of Bronnie Ware’s publishes a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Bronnie spent many years caring for people who were facing
their own death. 


When she questioned them about any regrets they had, or
anything they would’ve done differently… she discovered there were common
themes that surfaced again and again. 

The 5 most common regrets:


[+] “I wish that I’d let myself be


(Too late they realized happiness is a choice.)


[+] “I wish I’d stayed in touch with my


(Too often they failed to give them the time and effort
they deserved.)


[+] “I wish I’d had the courage to express my


(Too frequently shut mouths and shuttered feelings
weighed too heavy to handle.)


[+] “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”


(Too much time spent making a living over building a life
caused too much remorse.)


But as tough as these 4 were, there was one that stood out
above them all… head and shoulders.

The most common regret was this…:


[+] “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life
true to myself not the life others expected of me.” 


So there you go:


     Half-filled dreams and unfulfilled


That was the number-one regret expressed by the dying. 


As Bronnie put it:


     “Most people had not honored
even a half of their

      dreams and had to die knowing that
it was due

      to choices they had made, or not


And her observations aren’t hers alone. 

Thomas Gilovich and Victoria Medvec performed exhaustive
research into the same topic. And here’s what they concluded: 


     “When people look back on their
lives, it is the

      things they have not done that
generate the

      greatest regret…


      People’s actions may be troublesome

      it is their inactions that
plague them most with

      long-term feelings of regret.”


So that’s the clearest message from our elders… from
the wisest position they’d ever reach:


     Honor your hopes and pursue a productive

     through faith in your purpose and


No regrets.

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