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I’m here one minute then gone the next.

I’m fast and unpredictable like quicksilver.

Yet I’m as slow as the fjords ripping their way through mountains to the sea.

You can feel me, but you can’t touch me and so it is that life has brought me here to you.

I’m Time.

Everyone knows me, but no one can control me.

I’m as tricksy as they come and today I’d like to play a game with you.

If you’re up for it?

Okay, here we go…

Think of something you really desire.

Go on, be daring, bold and adventurous.

It can be a thing, a feeling, anything you want.

I’ll wait while you think of something really juicy.




Okay, focus on that picture in your mind…

And now – I want you to make it bigger.

Not physically bigger, but I mean go bigger with that desire.

Expand it so your desire is pushing at the edges of your mind.

It’s now so big it’s hard to fathom it’s actually possible…

Are you thinking bigger now?


Do you want to know ‘when’ you’ll have it?

I’m sure you do – and lucky for you, I’m Time.

I know ‘when’ everything happens.

The thing is you may not believe you have that thing.

But Time never lies.


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