10 Signs That You Have Trust Issues

10 Signs That You Have Trust Issues

work through these

Learning to trust people can be difficult, especially if you’re recovering from an instance of betrayal. However, learning to trust again comes from knowing the signs that you have trust issues. If you’re not sure how to recognize your trust issues, here are 10 top signs that you have trust issues.

1.   You Trust too

Psych Central notes that one of the biggest signs of trust
issues is that people trust too quickly. Often it becomes a self-fulfilling
prophecy. If you’re having a problem creating trust in your personal
relationships, it may be because you are giving it out too freely. Trust should
be earned not given. It is better to give trust to people who have a proven
track record of responsibility and dependability.

2.   You Always Take
the Lead

Whether it’s a group project at school, a community project,
or a project at work; you will take the lead. This isn’t because you like being
the leader but because you don’t trust other people in the group to take on the
leadership role. According to the Odyssey online even when people ask to help
you you’ll just brush them off because you don’t want to risk them letting you

3.   Suspicious

One common thing among people with trust issues is that they
have a sense of paranoia. Couples Counseling of Chicago says that people who
have trust issues often have thoughts that people are talking about them behind
their back, that they’re being lied to or deceived, and other deceptions are
being performed in their daily life. These are all thoughts stemming from a
deeper trust issue.

4.   You Check Their

If you feel like you have to have a protective password on
your phone, then it could be a sign of deeper trust issues with a new
relationship. Likewise, Elite Daily notes that people who cannot respect the privacy
of their significant other are showing severe trust issues. Phones should be
able to remain unlocked without the risk of a spouse or significant other going
through private content.

5.   You Don’t Get

Another big sign of trust issues according to the Power of
Positivity is when you avoid getting emotionally involved with other people.
This stops you from getting hurt when the betrayal ultimately happens. It’s a
protective mechanism.

6.   No One Can Make a

People with trust issues often read into situations further
than they should. Psych Central notes that trust issues may rear their heads in
everyday situations. For example, if someone is running late, they are trying
to hide something from you. If someone won’t let you look through their phone,
they have something to hide.

7.   You Won’t Talk
about Your Thoughts

Thought Catalog notes sharing thoughts about yourself is a
trusting endeavor. People who are reluctant to share their inner thoughts
likely have trust issues. Being able to open up to someone is a big trusting

8.   You Try to Limit
Social Circles

limiting who your significant other can or cannot see
socially is a sign of greater trust issues. While you may not want them
associating with their acts boyfriend or girlfriend, limiting their social
interactions because it makes you more comfortable shows you lack trust. Bustle
notes that this typically happens when the friend in question is attractive.

9.   Constant Thoughts
of Infidelity

One of the biggest signs of trust issues in a relationship
is constant thoughts of infidelity. Couples Counseling of Chicago notes that
these thoughts can cause damage to even healthy relationships. If you cannot
get past thoughts that someone is cheating on you it is important to determine
whether or not those thoughts stemmed from your deeper trust issues.

10. You Feel Isolated
and Lonely

Finally having severe trust issues can make you feel
isolated and lonely. According to psych Central many people who have trust
issues isolate themselves. They may even feel that they themselves are a fake
or imposter. Having these types of thoughts is one of many signs that you have
developed trust issues.

Whether it’s you or someone you know that is showing signs
of trust issues it’s important to work through these. Trust is an important
part of interpersonal relationships, without it there won’t be a healthy and
functional relationship.

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