5 Steps To Find Motivation For Your Goals

5 Steps To Find Motivation For Your Goals

How many times have you set a goal for yourself but found yourself struggling to follow through? There’s a big difference between wanting to achieve and actually achieving. So, what is it that separates those two things? Motivation.

We all hit obstacles, and reach slumps where we lack the drive and energy to get around to taking care of something. The next time you feel as though your motivation is slipping, consider these 5 steps to find the motivation you need to achieve your goals. 

The Why

It’s difficult to maintain your motivation when you don’t actually know why you are doing something. So, take time to ask yourself why this goal is so important to you. Whether it’s the need to lose weight to improve your health, or the need to study for a big exam that will determine whether you graduate. When you can tell yourself why you’re doing something you will have a deeper understanding of what needs to be done, and the consequences there are for not achieving your goal.

The Anticipation

A lot of people fall into the same trap, which is to immediately work toward the goal. Yes, it’s wonderful to have the drive to get going immediately, but it can actually be more effective if you allow anticipation to build. So, set a date a week away (or longer, depending on the goal) and make it your official start date. The anticipation will build, and with it your purpose and enthusiasm. Mark it on the calendar and make it a serious date to get you excited and maintain your motivation.

The Share

One way to ensure that you maintain your motivation is by sharing your goals with family and friends. They are your support network and when you have support from the team around you, you will be more driven to succeed. Additionally, they can cheer you on as you attempt to reach your goal. You can share your progress on a weekly or monthly basis (dependent on your goal) and keep doing so until you get to where you want to be. It’s an excellent way to get support and have people you love hold you accountable if you veer off track.

The Size

One of the biggest struggles that people have when aiming for a goal is an inability to break it down to its most basic levels. If something seems like a really big task, it may feel insurmountable. Break it down to a realistic level and work towards achieving milestones in your journey to reaching the main goal. You will have achievements to celebrate as you achieve, which will keep you motivated as you work toward your end goal.

The Benefits   

Don’t focus on the challenge, rather, consider the benefits. While it is completely normal to get hung up on the challenge, it is the benefits that will keep you motivated and thinking positively. Don’t think about how hard your challenge is, think about how amazing you are going to feel once you have done it, and what benefits will come from achieving your goals. If you end goal is to lose 25 minutes, think about how incredible you will look once you’ve lost it, how the weight loss will benefit your health and energy levels.

Filter out those negative thoughts and replace with positive thoughts. A positive attitude makes motivation much easier to maintain.

The key to achieving your goals is your motivation. These tips can help you find the motivation you need to achieve your goals. You may not feel ready to take action, but you will certainly feel better once you have managed to achieve your goals.


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