5 Ways To Pay Attention To Your Relationships

5 Ways To Pay Attention To Your Relationships

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Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. In fact, we could go as far as to say that relationships are crucial to our wellbeing, as our lives revolve around the people that we socialize with, have an impact on and live with.

Relationships are fragile things. If you don’t pay attention to them and do the necessary footwork, you can find them dwindling away, and to be less fulfilling than when you place a focus on their nurture and care. 


Yes, listen! It couldn’t be much simpler than that. Many
relationships struggle because of a lack of listening in many forms. The issue
a man may have with listening attentively is the “macho” nature of the male
existence. According to Los Angeles based psychologist Herb Goldberg, PhD,
“There’s a darker aspect of masculinity, a tendency to withdraw, to be
impatient and short-fused,” and she also mentions “A lot of it is
unconscious, not done intentionally, and it is deeply rooted and difficult to

Now … both genders must be sure to make decisions and agree
to do so. This is also key because one person taking control all the time could
lead to frustration.

So, make sure to listen to your partner!

Put your phones down!

This could be an obvious reason for a lack of closeness in a
relationship with your significant other, friends or relatives. Technology has
come a long way and yes… it makes things (Even communication) a lot easier in
certain situations but easier is not always better.

Researchers from Oxford University found that marriages were
less satisfying when technology was used too much to communicate. So, a good
way to combat this issue would be expressing oneself in person, with real
emotion and face to face interaction (Quality time if you must)!

Quality time…

Ahhh… quality time. Very important in maintaining
relationships because the more you put into something, the more you’ll get out
of it. It’s all about the Effort!

Plan for alone time, romantic activity (even sexually), stay
in contact (be a good friend), schedule family outings; commitment in your
relationships will allow for better communication and RELATIONSHIPS!

Oh, and while you’re having that quality time, make sure you
express your appreciation for that person/s.

Money! Money! Money!

Well you knew we would get to the financial side of things
and we did for good reason! I’m sure you have heard the saying “Money is the
root of all evil.” Well this can sometimes be true (Especially for married
couples) when money is not being discussed and/or there is no structure in
managing funds for any situation.

U.S. News and World Report pointed out that “having the
money discussion early is one of the best ways to create common savings
goals.” This is true because you may think twice about joining up with someone
that is not on the same page. So, plan to have regular discussions!

Be Open Minded

Nothing is worse than two people that can never agree on
anything! Be that interests, morals, opinions etc. Being around someone that is
not supportive of anything you do or limits your life goals is very difficult
in fact.

A Forbes article titled “The 7 Benefits To Open-Mindedness” goes into detail about letting go of
control and welcoming change, which are the key benefits to open mindedness.

Key details to take


your electronics for a moment

quality time with others


an open mind

Don’t forget to use this information to pay attention to any
types of relationships in order to improve them!


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