Top Relationship Maintenance Secrets

Top Relationship Maintenance Secrets

from Working Mothers

It’s not easy to balance a successful career and family life. However, working mothers are willing to share their relationship maintenance secrets. 

Maintain your romantic
and family relationships and your job with these tips:


Find a reliable

What do you use to plan your schedule in advance? A reliable planner is an
important part of trying to balance work and family.


planner will help you schedule your work and family time to avoid missing an
important event for either one.


the planner to schedule relationship time, too. Date nights and fun activities
with the children are popular options.


Cook ahead. Planning and cooking your meals ahead of
time will give you the chance to focus on your relationships.
Cook multiple
meals in advance and stock the freezer.


you have a freezer filled with meals that are ready to be heated, then you can
spend more time enjoying your family. Instead of worrying about what they will
have for dinner, you can have a meal plan in place for an entire month.


Set guidelines at

Does your career make it difficult to see your family every night? Working
mothers can set guidelines at work, so their lives are more balanced.


work prevent you from seeing your partner and enjoying dinner together? If you
can establish overtime rules, then you can try to find a balance between long
hours and your relationship.


Inform your boss about important family events ahead
of time, so your work is aware that family is a priority.


Pick up tips from
other working mothers.
Your friends and coworkers can share valuable advice
with you about work and relationships. You shouldn’t be afraid to start a
conversation about maintaining your relationship.


Find a reliable

It’s not easy to balance work and family at the same time, but a reliable
friend can help you during difficult situations.


can you turn to for help balancing your career and relationship? Do you have a
trustworthy friend who can support you? Instead of trying to control every
aspect of life, you can delegate certain activities to a friend.


friendships are built on mutual trust and assistance, so be prepared to step in
if a friend needs you.


your babysitter cancel on your date night? This is a good opportunity to turn
to friends who can help you maintain your relationship. Your child can have a
sleepover at their house while you have date night.


Spend five minutes
a day alone with your partner.
Working mothers rarely have any alone
time with their partners. However, just five minutes a day can make a big
impact on relationship maintenance.
It’s important that you be
completely alone with your partner for at least a few minutes a day.


can set aside five minutes in the morning or evening to spend with your
partner. Children, friends, and other family members shouldn’t be in the room
with you. In addition, put away tech gadgets that distract you.


can set a timer for five minutes and talk or cuddle. The goal is to focus on
each other.


Relationships need to be nurtured so they thrive. If you’re a
working mother, take advantage of these tips to help you find a balance between
your job, sweetheart, and kids.

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