Top Tips for Finding and Making New Friends

Top Tips for Finding and Making New Friends

a full and rewarding social life

Whether you’ve always been the life of the party or a wallflower, you can find and make new friends. As we get older, it becomes challenging to make more friends. But anyone can have a full and rewarding social life – even if you don’t have a single friend at the moment.


Try these
strategies to enhance your social life today:


1.      Get out of the house. Potential friends
aren’t going to line up and knock on your door. There are many ways to meet new


Volunteer for a cause that’s meaningful to you.
You’re likely to run into people with similar interests.

Join a club. is a good place to look
for others that share your interests. You can stay as busy as you like. There
are groups that meet for soccer, meditation, card games, and anything else you
can imagine.

Ask coworkers to go out. Get a group together
and have dinner or walk on the local trail. More people are sulking at home
than you think.
Help yourself and someone else enhance their social

2.      Be real. Avoid the trap of believing
that you need to pretend to be more interesting, funny, or cool. You’ll be
forced to either keep up the act long-term, or lose your new friends because
you misled them. It’s too much work to pretend to be someone else. Have the
courage to be yourself.

3.      Determine the type of friend you want.
The person you say “hi” and “bye” to in the next cubicle isn’t the same type of
friend you’d turn to when your favorite cat is run over by a car. Are you
looking for casual friends to meet for happy hour on Thursday nights? Or do you
want another close friend to share life’s ups and downs?


There’s no right or wrong answer, but you can’t
find it if you’re unable to define it. Think about what you need more in your life
right now.


4.      Avoid being afraid. You might feel
intimidated when meeting new people. Or you’re afraid of rejection. Will you be
able to maintain a conversation? These are common fears. They’re also


Others are consumed with the same fears. They
don’t have enough mental space left to judge you. The people that judge or reject
you aren’t good friendship material anyway.

Visualize yourself confidently approaching a
group of people. See the group accepting you with open arms. Keep performing
this exercise until it feels believable. Then go out and do it.


5.      Allow the friendship to grow. Hanging
out once won’t result in a solid friendship. Keep in touch with the people you
enjoy. It takes time and frequent interaction to build a true friendship. Avoid
letting the good ones slip away.

6.      Keep an open mind. You might have an
image of the perfect friend burned into your mind, but be open to other
possibilities. The best friend you’ve yet to meet might be completely different.
Give everyone a chance to be a friend. Keep your mind open.

7.      Be persistent. Keep going out until
your social life is full. It might take a while, depending on your social
skills. But even the most socially awkward of us can find and keep friends.
Stick with it until you’re satisfied.


Friendships add an additional layer of enjoyment to life.
We all need friends for camaraderie and general socializing. Close
friends are a true gift.
Life is better when you have at least one,
good, close friend. Get out there and meet a few new people.

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