Anxious Pup? The Safe, Effective Answer

Anxious Pup?  The Safe, Effective Answer

A Natural, Calming Choice for your Canine

Fireworks, thunderstorms, and trips to the vet can make even the best-behaved dog feel anxious.

 Discover the safe, effective, and natural way to ease your best friend’s anxiety in this article from Terry Talks Nutrition.

Top reasons for Canine anxiety:

Noise-thunderstorms and fireworks

Separation-human companions leaving

Other dogs-territorial attachment negative experiences

Unfamiliar situations-breaking of routine, vet

Car rides-overstimulation, sights & smells,
negative associations from the past


Training and patience is key and help relieve your don’s
anxiety with love, patience, training and specialized echinacea.

Terry recommends using 20 mg of Narrow-leaved coneflower
(Echinacea angustifolia) Root extract (EP107™) standardized for echinacoside
and a unique, proprietary alkamide profile.

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