Strange Home Remedies That Work

Strange Home Remedies That Work

7 different ones

Sometimes, it pays to
think outside of the box! 

In this article from Tropical Health this is being done as we look at 7 strange but true remedies that work.


It seems that there’s a home remedy out there for just about everything that can ail you. Most have been handed down over generations, and while more than a few probably sound like they’re rather ridiculous or perhaps just an old wives’ tale, our modern science tells us that’s simply not true.

You’ll probably be surprised at just how many conditions can be effectively treated right at home, without a doctor’s visit or a prescription.

Aspirin Shampoo for Dandruff

You can make a DIY shampoo using aspirin to eliminate dandruff as aspirin is basically salicylic acid, the same ingredient often found in acne treatments. It acts similarly on your scalp,  sloughing off those flakes. All you have to do is add a tablespoon of crushed aspirin to your usual shampoo. Lather up and then leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Cure a Tension Headache With a Pencil

If you’re suffering from a tension headache, it’s usually due to anxiety or stress that causes you to subconscious clench your jaw. That strains the muscles that connect the jaw to your temples, triggering a headache. While a pencil is probably the last tool you’d think of to relieve it, by holding a pencil between your teeth without biting down it helps you to relax your jaw muscle. After a short time, that pain is likely to fade away. If you notice one coming on, do this to prevent a headache in the first place.

Battle a Migraine With Sex

Migraines, as you know if you’ve ever suffered from one, are a whole lot worse than your standard headache. If you can find a way to get in the mood for sex during one, having sex, and, if you’re able to orgasm, you can get rid of it. Nearly half of migraine sufferers reported relief of their symptoms after having sex that resulted in orgasm, as a 2013 study published in the journal CephalalgiaThe researchers noted that they believe the “feel-good” hormones known as endorphins that are triggered are responsible for the relief.

Eliminate Smelly Feet With Vodka

If you tend to get stinky feet, it’s the result of the growth of bacteria that are caused by sweat or other moisture. Before long, smelly feet equal smelly shoes, but vodka can come to the rescue so you won’t have to step into after you just showered. Gross, right? While it sounds bizarre, the show Myth Busters proved that it really does work. Of course, you could just buy something at the store, most of the products available today that aim to eliminate that nasty smell is not only pricey, they’re just as nasty, filled with chemical ingredients that aren’t exactly good for your health.

The reason vodka works is that is has a very high alcohol content which serves to kill that bacteria on contact. It also provides a drying effect to eliminate moisture that causes bacteria to grow in the first place. All you have to do is add a bit of vodka to a spray bottle and use it to mist the inside of your shoes. It will not only eliminate the odor, it helps to prevent it from occurring the next time. Just be sure to use a cheap vodka, save the Stoli and the Absolute for drinking. Even better, rubbing alcohol works just as well.

Duct Tape For Everything? Yes, Even Warts

You already know that duct tape is one of the most useful things on the planet, and it can even eliminate warts. That’s because of a compound in the adhesive that’s toxic to warts but is harmless to you. It also helps to block oxygen from getting the wart which stunts its growth. A study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine in 2002 proved that it works, with 85 percent of warts eradicated by the use of duct tape, whereas only 60% of the warts were eliminated in people who had them frozen off through cryotherapy.

To use this remedy, simply cut a strip of the tape that’s about the same size of the wart and place it on top. Let it remain for six days if it falls off in the meantime just apply another piece. After that period, remove the tape and then soak the area in water. Use a pumice stone or an emery board to gently rub the wart’s surface down. Let it “breathe” overnight, repeating the process again the following day. You may need to do this every six days until the wart disappears, though it should fade away within a couple of months tops.

Suck on a Lemon to Fight Motion Sickness

If you tend to get nauseous while driving winding roads or while out on the water, bring some sliced lemon along. As that motion sickness is usually the result of excess salivation, compounds in lemons called tannins will help dry out your mouth, eliminate the saliva and help to ease that horrible nausea. If the thought of sucking on a lemon isn’t something you can stomach, try carrying around a little bottle of lemon essential oil and sniffing it when you feel motion sickness coming on.

Say Goodbye to Earaches With an Onion

While this one definitely sounds pretty out there, more than a few moms around the world have discovered that this is one trick that really works to get rid of an earache: onion juice. In fact, it’s a home remedy that’s said to date back to the 19th-century. Kids are especially prone to an earache, but it can happen to anyone and it can be extremely painful. Likely thanks to a powerful flavonoid in onions known as quercetin, placing a few drops of the juice in an affected ear will relieve that awful pain. While there haven’t been any studies focused on onion juice and earaches, science has found that quercetin contains anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can help reduce swelling to ease the pain.

To get the juice, heat up an onion in a pan with a little bit of water, just until warm. Extract some of the juice and use a dropper to place a few drops into the ear that’s affected.

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