5 Best Drinks For Weight Loss

5 Best Drinks For Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy process. It can be more difficult when trying to switch your beverage from sugar sweetened drinks like juice and soda. Knowing what to drink when losing weight can be more difficult than finding out what to eat. There is so much information about what beverages are good for you, it is easy to get lost in information overload.

If you’re like most people are looking for a sweetened substitute for your sweet tea or orange juice. We’ve compiled a list to wean you off your sugar sweetened beverages. These five drinks are the best drinks for weight loss and will help you get away from those sweet drinks.

Water Enhancers

Available in almost every flavor, water enhancers are an amazing option for those looking to swap soda for water. While not every brand of water enhancer is going to be the best, there are some good options available.

Eat This Not That recommends that you use brands of water enhancers that contain stevia extract instead of other more dangerous chemical sweaters. There are plenty of options available for water enhancers containing stevia extract and many of them come in both powdered and liquid form. The best part about water enhancers is they easily fit into a purse or pocket and can go anywhere with you.


If you’re looking to enhance your metabolism and give your taste buds something to enjoy then reach for tea. There are multiple types of tea available on the market, many of them coming in fruity flavors that can help replace sweet drinks.

Healthline notes that drinking green tea is linked to a decrease in body weight and body fat. In one study people who drink green tea over placebo lost 7.3 more pounds over 12 weeks. Usually in the studies participants drink 3 to 4 cups per day or supplement green tea extract. If you’re looking for a replacement for your sweet tea switching to green tea may help.

Diet Tonic Water

Quinine is the main ingredient in tonic water that separates tonic water from soda water. New studies show that supplementation of quinine in mice inhibits fat gain. And after 13 weeks mice had lower plasma triglycerides and glucose levels. While there was no change in the food volume consumed between those eating a quinine diet and those in the control group.

In some studies, the use of quinine dramatically decreases the intake of food in rats. Quinine inhibits activity of receptors within the digestive tract, pancreas, and other organs that involved taste signaling and glucose homeostasis. That means for you quinine, a. k. a. tonic water, may help you control your food intake and body fat.

Carbonated Water (Soda Water/Club Soda)

One of the best replacements for a soda is carbonated water with a water enhancer. If you use water enhancers sweetened with stevia, you don’t risk all the nasty allergy reactions you can get when using alternative sweeteners.

Besides being a great replacement for soda, Livestrong notes that carbonated water is more filling than regular water. This can help you consume less food and snack less. A study published in 2012 noted that carbonated water increases gastric activity and heart rate which can contribute to feeling full. While these feelings are relatively short-term drinking carbonated water can help you avoid snacking.


Normally you will water at the top of the list of diet approved beverages. This is because water is the most important thing you can give your body. However most people don’t consider the fact that you get lots of water from fruits and vegetables. If you’re eating a healthy diet associated with weight loss, the chances are you will get plenty of water from your food.

According to Everyday Health a healthy person can get plenty of hydration by drinking water and other beverages when they are thirsty, also including water with meals is a great way to prevent dehydration. Water is important, but you can be properly hydrated when drinking any of the beverages listed. 

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