5 Foods You Can Eat In Abundance And Still Lose Weight

Foods You Can Eat In Abundance And Still Lose Weight

The biggest complaint that people have when cutting calories
is hunger. At the lower calorie intakes required to lose weight, people feel
like they simply aren’t getting enough to fill their bellies. Well, there is
one thing that can be said about low-calorie
diets; they require some creativity.

The main reason that people seem to stay hungry is that they
try to reduce their caloric intake without changing the foods they are eating.
They still eat high fat, high-calorie
foods but in smaller portions. This is where the hunger comes into play. Your
belly isn’t used to the smaller portion sizes,
and it will scream at you until it feels satisfied.
It is almost impossible to ignore your body’s hunger signals over an extended period of time. 

What you need to do is change the way you look at food, and
find your go-to filler foods. These foods should be things that you enjoy eating, but they leave you feeling full and
satisfied. No, I am not going to suggest
you eat a cup of raw broccoli every time you get hungry. That isn’t a realistic
expectation, for anyone.

Here are your 5 go-to vegetables
for when you are feeling hungry, and some ways to make them ultra-tasty.

1.      Jicama: 46
calories per 1 cup sliced

This little-known root vegetable is a diet hero. You can chill this root
vegetable and eat it raw (once you have peeled away the waxy outside). Jicama
is sweet and has a juicy crunch to it. If you crave crunchy snacks, this is for you.

It also goes great with
strawberries to make a Jicama salad!

Or if salty is your thing you can
cut Jicama into strips and make Jicama Fries. These Fries cook up nice and
crisp with some low-fat cooking spray and
an oven on high heat, and you can spice
them up any way you like.

2.      Cucumbers:
40 calories per medium cucumber

While technically a fruit, most
people consider cucumber a vegetable. This bad boy can add bulk to salads, or
be eaten on its own to offer you a refreshing,
crisp snack.

If you need more flavor in your life, you can try one of the 100’s of recipes
for overnight pickles. Much healthier than store bought, pickled cucumbers can
satisfy your snacking needs.

3.      Broccoli:
36 calories per cup raw

I know, I said I
wasn’t going to recommend you eat a cup of fresh
broccoli, and I’m not. Broccoli is an amazing
stir fry ingredient. It remains crisp during most of the cooking process but
will absorb a lot of the flavor. A cup of cooked broccoli contains about 60
calories and will fill you up with all the fiber it has. Try throwing this in a
wok with your favorite spices for a great filler, side dish, or quick snack.

4.      Zucchini:
33 calories per 1 medium

Zucchini is like a magician. It can be eaten in a stir
fry (try it with the broccoli, you won’t regret it), you can hollow it out and stuff it, or you can put it
through a spiralizer and turn it into a noodle for your favorite tomato based
sauce. They pack more nutrition than your average noodle, and you can eat till
your heart’s content without going over
your calorie budget.

5.      Tomato: 22
Calories 1 medium

Again, fruit,
but who’s actually paying attention to
where the seeds are stored in the plant at this point? This tasty morsel can be
cooked into a sauce and served over your favorite zucchini noodles. They can
add bulk to a salad. Tomatoes are even good sliced with a touch of salt and
pepper. This versatile veggie should be a staple in your house if you are
calorie conscience.

There you have it: a solid list of vegetables to keep you
full and satisfied when counting calories,
so you don’t have to feel hungry while slimming down. Try to find some creative
recipes and enjoy your new found fullness.

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